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It’s never too late to create positive change!

The God in me welcomes the God in you.

With great respect and love, I welcome you.

I welcome you with my whole heart!

Spiritually Intuitive Readings

It is never too late to change your mind or your situation. I have. I can teach you how to manifest the life you want.

  1. 1. Receive the answers you need about your love life, or lack of one, your kids, finances, health, your job, or anything that comes to mind.

  2. 2. Experience an emotionally soothing physical healing.

  3. 3. Share a safe visit with your deceased loved ones in the Afterlife.
  • You gave me a level of peace that I didn’t have before. You have a tremendous gift that you are putting to such good use.

  • I woke up this morning and my whole body cracked. My shoulders, my neck, my back. You released everything so it could snap back in! The pain I’ve had in my shoulder for the past few months was gone. I can move my arm again. I had a lump in my neck from what I guess was clenched muscles. It’s almost gone. I guess it’s from stress!

  • Thanks once more for the kick in the back side! Your connections with the angels are real, and the messages you deliver are so valuable.

  • She once was working on our livers, and I felt something pop in mine. She said, ‘I just felt something release.’ Oh yeah! I always come away calm, relaxed and feel better. One time she even got rid of my headaches that I had been having for weeks.

  • After a few sessions with you, Emmy, I have more faith in my body’s ability to beat this disease!!!!

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